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Welcome to the new DVCNews!

As we approach the 10th anniversary of DVCNews, it was time to implement some major back-end changes and much needed tweaks throughout the site.  

 On the surface, DVCNews may not seem all that different than before. But the recent changes to the site represent literally hundreds of hours of work, with nearly 6 months spent preparing for this update.

And our work is still not complete. There are many minor tweaks remaining--along with a few major ones.  At this time, we know that a few features are not working correctly (including the RoomFinder databases) but rest assured those issues will be addressed in the very near future.

Future enhancements to look forward to include better formatting for smartphone & tablets, improved photo albums and some other surprises. We've also started working with our graphic artist to update the logos and other imagery throughout the site. It would have been nice to have that ready for this unveiling, but it was a little too much to bite off at once.

As always, we are enormously grateful for the support of our readers, sponsors, website partners and dedicated staff. Without you, there wouldn't be a DVCNews.com!!!

We hope you enjoy the evolution of the site over the coming months!

-- Tim

Reader Comments
Re: Welcome to the new DVCNews! -- denlo
2016 Oct 12 07:14:04 AM
Thanks Tim for all that you do it is appreciated. I really like the new look of the main page.
Re: Welcome to the new DVCNews! -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2016 Oct 12 07:56:43 AM
Me thinketh the Board did some sort of Ground Hog Day.

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