Well my wife is due in about 2 weeks and that didn't stop me from already booking our baby's first trip to Disney World from Dec. 15-23! . I know that at 10 months old or so, the baby will not remember anything once he or she grows up, but that won't stop us from creating memories for ourselves or our family. So in order to do that, we will be bringing down my wife's entire side of her family to join us for the 8 days we are in WDW. As of now including myself & DW, there are 8 adults and the baby. I definitely don't have the points for a grand villa @ BLT (our home resort) so I have to play resort roulette at the 7 month window and I'm hoping to either snag a THV or a Grand Villa @ OKW. If I'm unsuccessful with either of those then I will have to look at what the best 2 bedroom resort would be to occupy that many people. Including what I have already banked and the maximum I could borrow from the next year, I have a total of 440 points to use. Out of those 8 adults, 4 of them are her brother & sister with their respective girlfriend and boyfriend and they have no issues with sharing a room that has 2 beds in it. The other 2 adults will be her parents who will want their own space. And then finally that leaves us with wanting our own space with the baby.

First question would be: Has anyone been to WDW during this time and was able to get a THV or a Grand Villa @ OKW at the 7 month window?

Second question: Has anyone ever fit 8 adults into a 2 bedroom and survived? And if so, where did you stay or recommend to stay?

Third question: She has another sister who has 2 kids (8 & 5) and is on the fence about going but we obviously cannot fit their family into our room. Would I be able to get the DVC cash discount for booking a room for them if they decided to come even though I would not be staying in the room?

I know it's a lot of questions but between waiting for this darn baby to finally arrive and now this trip, my head is going in circles!