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Thread: Live Condo meeting coverage

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdrl View Post
    ...the first and most obvious reason behind the decision is probably increased revenue....
    That's why turkey legs are now $9.00.

    I know why Disney does what it does, today, and that's why we might as well start a discussion forum for GM, Walmart, GE and every other Mega Company out there, because they are all the same.

    Disney wants to wrap this new project with a bow and present it to us like they did it FOR US when the truth is they are only doing it for their benefit. The fact that you can now stay at GF had nothing whatsoever to do with their Cost/Benefit analysis. We don't exist in their decision process.

    It's almost universally accepted that every DVC member wants a Poly Villas but until they believe they can sell us parking lot views for $200.00 per point and a points chart that make Aulani look like HHI, it will never happen.

    I just look at things differently than most on this board do.

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    We really want to buy this property so I'm hoping it is early 2013.

    Quote Originally Posted by denlo View Post
    Well if it matches BLT's time frame it was two years from the original filing. So that would be in March 2013 for VGF. But the building at VGF is smaller, so maybe enough construction will be completed earlier so sales can begin in late 2012. I read somewhere that for timeshares in Florida a certain amount of construction must be completed before sales can begin. And the implications were that the resort's construction should be pretty far a long. I haven't seen the timeshare law about this restriction so it might be just a rumor.
    šOš Melody šOš

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    The nicest part of a GF DVC is that it may allow for more availability at WL and BLT .

    Janet & Dan

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