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Thread: Aulani Resort - Booking Window with BTL DVC Points

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    Default Aulani Resort - Booking Window with BTL DVC Points

    Hello DVC Family,

    We are planning to go to Aulani during the summer of 2012. We have 600 points from our BLT home that I plan on using. What I am wondering is how are the current bookings for Aulani. Does the site already have a 12 month waiting list? Since BLT is my home I am unable to start booking until November 2011, by that time will I be out of luck until 2013? Does anyone know how I can find out more details?

    Thank you

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    Bookings for Aulani will follow the same reservation rules as for other DVC resorts. You'll be able to use your BLT points to book at Aulani as early as 7 months before your check-in date. So, for example, if you are hoping to check into Aulani on June 14, 2012, then your 7-month booking window will open on November 14, 2011. On that date you'll be able to book up to 7 consecutive days using your BLT points.

    Since Aulani is so new, no one knows whether it will be easy or hard to get rooms if you don't own at Aulani.

    Good luck on getting what you want at Aulani!!

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    We also don't know how much of the Aulani resort has been declared for member's use. The Hawaii website does not let you look at the filed documents without paying for each page. Since we don't own at Aulani I'm not interested in spending $30 to $40 for each declaration. BLT has had 16 declarations so far to give you an idea of the cost involved.

    Until villas are declared members cannot make reservations for those rooms. So even if the entire resort is finished and all rooms are ready for guests, DVC members can only book the percentage of rooms that match the number declared. So who really knows what will be available at 7 months? We will not be booking our airfare until we get the room reservation that's for sure.

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    We're also hoping to visit Aulani late next summer, but we'll see how availability goes.
    I know several of the Villas won't even be finished until the following year. So who knows?

    Either way, it's been a few years since we've done Hawaii. So if Aulani doesn't pan out, we'll instead head to Maui, Kauai or the Big Island................and try for Aulani again in 2013 or 2014.

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