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Thread: Gratuitous Transfer from relative

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    Default Gratuitous Transfer from relative

    Has anyone done a gratuitous transfer? My wife's aunt and uncle own DVC points that they just don't want anymore. Since we are already DVC owners, they are going to transfer the contract to us for free. DVC appears to have a procedure for this (DVC already send the form to my wife's relatives to fill out), but has anyone been through this? We have bought direct through DVC and a bought a resale contract through a DVC contract seller site, so each time we've acquired points everything was done for us and we just had to sign and initial a bunch of paper. So this is a completely new experience for us, and I'm hoping I can find someone that has already been through it to share any advice that you have.


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    Making gratuitous transfers of DVC deeds is a rather common occurrence. We haven't done it, but I see many Notices filed each month with the Orange County Comptroller where DVC owners are doing gratuitous transfers. Disney issues a "Notice of Waiver of Right of First Refusal" and the Notice states that the deed is being transferred for free and not being sold. Also, gratuitous transfers allow the recipient to receive all benefits that came with the original deed. So if the deed was originally purchased directly from Disney, then the new owner retains those direct purchase rights. Of course, if the deed had been originally bought on the resale market, then those resale restrictions would still apply.

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