finally, I'm getting hitched

We are arriving 9/13/15, as is the wedding party, which is very, very tiny. 1 maid of honor, two bridesmaids, 1 best man and that is it.
Right now we are booked for the first week (we're staying for 2 weeks) in a studio @ Kidani and waitlisted for a studio at Jambo in a concierge room. Send major pixie dust, i want that room

We're having a ceremony on the beach at the Poly, that is one of just 3 locations available for my budget WDW wedding. We can't book it until 6 months out but it should be fine . if for some odd reason that site is totally booked that day, the other 2 locations are the GF.

I think 2 of the 3 bridesmaids plan on staying at CR, thats the last i heard, so we'll prob just all get together for drinks the first night. The bachelorette and bachelor parties are the day before (bachelor party will be dull, its only 2 of them lol) I know the girls wants to take me to JellyRolls.
I don't really have much else thought out yet.